Supporting Your Future

At Queens College, our dream is to help you make your dream a reality. That’s why our programs are tailored to your needs, ensuring that you complete your studies at the top of your game.

Global Student Success Office

This is a space made to help you feel at home. The Global Student Success Office organizes orientation programs that help you settle into American student life, offers a comfortable hangout or study space, and hosts academic and social experiences for all students throughout the year.


Student Leadership Opportunities

Expand your network, add to your resume, build your leadership skills…or just make new friends! Orientation Leaders help welcome new students. Peer Support Educators assist students in studies and time management. Student Ambassadors lead fun social events and other community activities.

Student Association

The association comprises many student driven committees and over 100 clubs and organizations. It’s responsible for representing the members of the student body, protecting and promoting your interests.

The GSSP program provides a great environment to quickly adapt to studies and life in the United States. At Queens College there are so many support offerings and the entire GSSP staff is willing to help every student.

Junhong Xu
Course: Biology
Country: China